My whole journey into Counselling began some 7 years ago when the day that every pet owner comes to dread, the time to put my loving, loyal companion to rest.

I was utterly devastated by my feelings of loss, grief and sadness when our bond was broken by Alfie growing his wings and crossing the Rainbow Bridge.

I looked for a pet bereavement counsellor. I wanted to find someone who understood the depth of feeling I had for my boy, that felt important to me.

I didn’t want anyone to think ‘it’s just a dog!’ I couldn’t cope with the prospect of having those feelings of doubt on top of the incredibly painful feelings that I had never experienced before.

When I couldn’t access the help I was looking for, I wondered whether I could start the journey offering to others what I had been so desperate to find.


Kiersten Fletcher-Cullum

Kiersten Fletcher-Cullum

Accredited member of the National Counselling Society

I understand the deep attachment we have for our companion animals; I have experienced it and I now have the professional qualifications to be there for you when you are struggling in the way I was all those years ago.

I am here for you.

I can offer a safe space for you to explore all your feelings connected to the grief you are feeling following your loss. I am non-judgemental, I have enormous empathy and I am passionate about being able to offer this service to anyone who needs to access it.